Confused Words: cereal vs serial

1. The flour beetles mainly infest grains, including, but not limited to: , corn meal oats, rice, flour, and crackers.
2. Indian meal moths infest both and stored grain products, packaged goods, and surface layers of shelled corn.
3. The interconnection would be accomplished by MIDI on ATARIs, or by the ports on other machines.
4. Through this agreement, the cookies crackers, alfajores and bars business lines in Argentina, Brazil and Chile were unified under Arcor’s management.
5. Since the Paleolithic diet is devoid of grains, it is free of gluten.
6. Oatibix is a breakfast that was introduced in the United Kingdom in August 2006.
7. numbers in the 1500s were built by Rearwin.
8. The numbers were not changed from those allocated by the DRB.
9. General Foods did so for one year and made $1.5 million on the Post Toasties box.
10. It is an odourless, tasteless white powder and can be added to grains, vegetables, soft drinks and other foods.
11. The will be aired on Doordarshan in 2006.
12. He added, however, that the killer subplot was "desperately familiar".
13. The surrounding areas produce wheat and other crops.
14. Note: penalties added to match scores.
15. The product is distilled from grains (rye and corn primarily), aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years, then bottled or sold in bulk.
16. It was certified for production in 1986-1988.
17. She started as a young Malayalam artist and got her break with the Samayam.
18. Also, in 1989, Nintendo came out with the Nintendo System, which had shapes from the games "Super Mario Brothers" and "Legend Of Zelda".
19. Also in this , the First Doctor refers to himself as the "original".
20. At this point, the police concluded they were facing a killer.
21. You can go without for breakfast. Sometimes, food companies will pay movies and games to secretly advertise.
22. Switzerland imported at that time about 85% of the demand.
23. She also had a part in the "Doctor Who" "Timelash".
24. His Guantanamo Internment Number was 161.
25. It is a serious pest in flour mills and wherever products and other dried products are stored and/or processed.
26. Alisa is an Indonesian TV that was aired on RCTI.
27. The importance of crops for food security had been detected and forget the bad experiences at the beginning of World War II.
28. Chestnuts have always been used in Corsica as a , but it was necessary to carry out studies for many years to validate the qualities of chestnut flour.
29. It was made into a BBC television in 1978.
30. They were a real fruit which I ripened, and they had to my senses a fragrance like that of other noble fruits, which I kept in as long as possible by wrapping them in cloths.
31. They are the Argentine leader in the production of ethanol and is one of the main Argentine milk producers.
32. Killers, mass murderers, the vilest of the vile.
33. penalties included in the match scores.
34. agriculture and centralization contributed to the success of the state for the next 800 years.
35. The port hack allows a console to be attached to the MediaMVP.
36. Willes, the former president of General Mills, was criticized for his lack of understanding of the newspaper business, and was derisively referred to by reporters and editors as "The Killer".
37. His Guantanamo Internment Number was 139.
38. His obsession with the killer causes his wife to divorce him.
39. Zohn appeared in the 11th episode of the Discovery Channel show "PitchMen", in which he presented the EZ Crunch Bowl, a bowl he designed to in which the is kept in the shallow end and the milk in the deeper end in order to keep the "crunchy" and not soggy.
40. The SCSI board provided two additional ports.

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