Confused Words: coarse vs course

1. ``Of ,''said he;``of what else should I speak?''
2. This is a -grained soil, with high permeability favoring the formation of groundwater in aquifers.
3. After the fabric has been burned away, there remains a gauze mantle of the desired chemicals.
4. I've seen it in books; and so of that's what we've got to do."
5. Then he's not--but of he can't be, if he's really conscientious.
6. The leaves are broad with , toothed lobes.
7. But, that circumstance too, had had its influence in his .
8. It is employment for a spirit, but it is higher and wholesomer activity than talking for ever about`how happy we are.'
9. Typically, formula_43 and formula_58 are fine and grained variables, respectively.
10. The mane and tail are full, with hair, and the tail is set low.
11. It has the typical shark dermal denticles, however are atypically large for the size of the shark.
12. But of she did not mention my name to you.''
13. Its wool is and long (up to 26 cm).
14. In southern India, Gamucha is more and are available in various dyes.
15. It was dark as pitch there; but I said, in a kind of a whisper, "Jim!"
16. The river and its tributaries support fisheries.
17. There was the case, and of there was but one way out of it.
18. ``But at a tremendous discount, of ?''
19. Of I said I could not, without stimulants.
20. Are you sure that it would not be better to try that ?
21. ``What is his name for, of , you know?''
22. We have seen them at Villefort's; they proceeded then on their .
23. The sculpture of the shell shows , sinous, irregular growth lines.
24. Presently the production of handmade gamucha is slowing down in Orissa.
25. frieze was manufactured in England for export to Ireland in the nineteenth century.
26. ``You will, of , dispose of it in some way or other?''
27. In all encounters their preferred substrate was noted as river sand and gravel.
28. The is now as challenging as the Blue .
29. At the time, professional musicians were looked-down upon and considered .
30. grass and rank weeds straggled over all the marshy land in the vicinity.
31. Women wore their hair long–down to their waist. The Karankawa practiced head flattening.
32. There is a great difference in boats, of .
33. You are setting up an establishment, of ?''
34. ``Of , it has been kept for you.''
35. Some registers were lying open on a desk, and an officer of a , dark aspect, presided over these.
36. The original frame had 8 needles to the inch, which produced only fabric.
37. ``Did they alight on the road in the of the night?''
38. ``And did his conduct change at all in the of your examination?''
39. You acknowledge, of , that you owe this sum to him?''
40. The Gold has always been the shorter in comparison to the Blue .

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