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Vocabulary Word

Word: confidential

Definition: spoken or written in secret; trusted with private matters; Ex. confidential secretary

Sentences Containing 'confidential'

"Nite Club Confidential" was subsequently staged in other cities.
'Miss Murdstone has had the goodness,' said Mr. Spenlow to me, 'to accept the office--if I may so describe it--of my daughter Dora's confidential friend.
'Papa calls her my confidential friend, but I am sure she is no such thing--is she, Jip?
'The eldest, the Beauty is here,' said Traddles, in a low confidential voice, 'Caroline.
'With nobody present, but our dear and confidential friend Mr. Wickfield, I cannot consent to be put down.
'You see, my dear Copperfield,' falling again into the low confidential tone, 'after I had delivered my argument in DOE dem.
A week after the meeting, the confidential plan was leaked to the "Wall Street Journal".
An attendant arose at a sign from a confidential clerk at the first desk.
And at last they took a change and begun to lay their heads together in the wigwam and talk low and confidential two or three hours at a time.
As we were going along the people stared; not at Queequeg so much--for they were used to seeing cannibals like him in their streets,--but at seeing him and me upon such confidential terms.
At the door of her apartment the baroness met Mademoiselle Cornelie, her confidential maid.
But he was stopped on the way by a portly sperm whale, that begged a few moments' confidential business with him.
Delhi Correspondent: A Confidential Agent.
For £1,000, via an intermediary, he had passed on confidential information about police operations to Noye.
GCC appear not to have accepted the FR's approach, although they did at least keep it confidential for the time being.
He was most highly esteemed by Mr. Darcy, a most intimate, confidential friend.
He was one of Simon Cameron's confidential advisers.
How it is I know not; but there is no place like a bed for confidential disclosures between friends.
I was only alive to the condensed confidential comfortableness of sharing a pipe and a blanket with a real friend.
In 2006, M1 also recorded a solo album titled "Confidential".
In fact, my dear Copperfield, I have entered into arrangements, by virtue of which I stand pledged and contracted to our friend Heep, to assist and serve him in the capacity of--and to be--his confidential clerk.'
In initiating Nordpolitik, Roh's confidential foreign policy adviser was rumored to have visited Moscow to consult with Soviet policymakers.
In June 2012 Sentric Music entered into a co-publishing agreement with Brussels based Strictly Confidential, the publishing arm of PIAS.
In October 1631 he was employed on a confidential mission to the Netherlands.
In those days, travellers were very shy of being confidential on a short notice, for anybody on the road might be a robber or in league with robbers.
It may be advisable to superadd to the above, the statement that Mrs. Micawber is not in confidential possession of my intentions.'
It was apparent to her that what she had assumed to be confidential and private statements made during the meetings with the ministers in October 1636 had been shared with the magistrates.
Nite Club Confidential was a musical that debuted Off-Broadway in 1984.
Objective and confidential feedback is provided to each applicant.
On these acts Kamm was later on convicted of espionage and providing confidential information without authorization.
Panorama claimed to have obtained a confidential document from a company called ISL which showed that Leoz was paid $730,000 by the company.
Realising this, Campbell left the men in the boats, destroyed all confidential papers and radioed for help.
She has been missing in action for some time, but that is normal since her missions were mostly confidential.
Slaughter makes an agreement with Detective Reynolds Peters, to obtain confidential documents of the mafia's operations.
Such was the state of affairs when, the day after his interview with M. de Boville, the confidential clerk of the house of Thomson&French of Rome, presented himself at M. Morrel's.
Terms of the confidential agreement, entered into a month earlier with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (which regulates nationally chartered banks), were not known.
The "Windows 7" logo was temporarily replaced with text displaying "Microsoft Confidential".
The music was later compiled on an album titled "Eye Spy, Ears Only Confidential".
The people rudely pictured as drinking in the wine shops, croaked over their scanty measures of thin wine and beer, and were gloweringly confidential together.
The two companies came to a confidential settlement in 2006 after Behringer changed their designs.
Then, with a confidential wink, a dropping of the voice, and an impressive laying of his hand on my arm;`Look here; there's one thing in this world which isn't ever cheap.
Unfortunately, their confidential instructions concerning Ferdinand and Isabella's lukewarm position on a Spanish marriage for James IV arrived first, and James read them.
We had gone on, so far, in a mixture of confidential jest and earnest, that had long grown naturally out of our familiar relations, begun as mere children.
We won't be confidential, and we'll make ourselves as happy as we can in spite of her, and we'll tease her, and not please her--won't we, Jip?'
While employed in polishing them--one man in each pot, side by side--many confidential communications are carried on, over the iron lips.
`A person, whose confessor I am,'replied he,`and who entertains a high regard for me, applied to me a short time since to procure him a confidential servant.
``M. Morrel does not know my name; this worthy gentleman has only to announce the confidential clerk of the house of Thomson&French of Rome, with whom your father does business.''
``My dear M. Cavalcanti,''said Andrea, taking the major by the arm in a confidential manner,``how much are you paid for being my father?''
``The mission with which I am charged, sir,''replied the visitor, speaking with hesitation,``is a confidential one on the part of him who fulfils it, and him by whom he is employed.''
``Yes,''replied Maximilian,``an Englishman, who represented himself as the confidential clerk of the house of Thomson&French, at Rome.

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