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Vocabulary Word

Word: indigenous

Definition: native; Ex. plant indigenous to the New World

Sentences Containing 'indigenous'

"The final 's' in 'indigenous peoples' ... a way of recognizing that there are real differences between different indigenous peoples."
Another important but often overlooked influence has been indigenous knowledge.
Another painting in the same series yielded the indigenous name "Mereangeree".
At the 2006 census, 8.03% of residents identified as Indigenous Australians.
But there are also linguistic pockets of Spanish and indigenous languages.
Contacts and conflicts escalated and some indigenous people were killed.
David Unaipon is known as the first indigenous author.
Ehinger savagely conquered the region burning down entires indigenous villages and taking the indigenous peoples as slaves.
He was the first indigenous head of state in Liberian history.
He wrote in Guernésiais, which is the indigenous language of the island.
Here indigenous “Ouhout” (Leucosidea) trees of significant size are preserved.
In addition, African indigenous courts, which deal exclusively with indigenous law, also exist. History of South African law.
In the Americas, the term "Indigenous peoples of the Americas" was adopted, and the term is tailored to specific geographic or political regions, such as "Indigenous peoples of Panama."
Indigenous peoples comprised just over 0.6% of the population.
It contains the following species: All are indigenous to various parts of Africa.
It is expanding at the expense of the indigenous minority languages.
It places particular emphasis on the indigenous Celtic languages.
Literature on the indigenous fishing practices is very scanty.
Navdanya is actively involved in the rejuvenation of indigenous knowledge and culture.
Religious beliefs among the Indigenous peoples of the Americas are diverse.
Shamanism among the indigenous peoples of the Americas
Signs should be in both English and the local indigenous language.
Some groups, particularly indigenous people who live in the mountains, follow a syncretic form of Catholicism that combines indigenous beliefs with orthodox Catholic doctrine.
Spina may have had a Hellenised indigenous population.
Strictly this word is not indigenous to the whale's vocabulary.
The department's total indigenous population amounts to 3591 people.
The first inhabitants were indigenous to the area.
The Guaymí and Ngöbe-Buglé comprise half of the indigenous peoples of Panama.
The Indigenous peoples of Panama are the native peoples of Panama.
The indigenous Sḵwxwú7mesh name is ""skwtsa7s"", meaning simply "island."
The island is part of the ancestral domain of the indigenous Tagbanwa people.
The Kalhoras were indigenous people of Sindh.
The Kondha are indigenous tribal groups of India.
The majority of the indigenous inhabitants are Zapotecs and Huaves.
The mission is Mexican Baroque with significant indigenous influence.
The number of indigenous minorities was negligible.
The people are predominantly indigenous citizens of Aymara descent (95.04%).
The people are predominantly indigenous citizens of Aymara descent.
The people in the district are mainly indigenous citizens of Aymara descent.
The people in the district are mainly indigenous citizens of Quechua descent.
The people in the province are mainly indigenous citizens of Aymara descent.
The people in the province are mainly indigenous citizens of Quechua descent.
The sandstone is reported not to be indigenous but instead of unknown origin.
The word "shaman" is not used by traditional Indigenous people in the Americas.
There was one indigenous freshwater stingray, "Heliobatis".
They also collected scientific data, and information on indigenous nations.
They are indigenous people of Iraq and descended from the ancient Mesopotamians.
Two thousand of the indigenous people resisted.
Wattles and Eucalypts are the most common large trees and are indigenous to the area.
Wulna (Wuna) is a presumably extinct indigenous language of Australia.
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