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Vocabulary Word

Word: painstaking

Definition: taking pains; showing hard work; taking great care; very careful and through

Sentences Containing 'painstaking'

After observing the painstaking labor the workers went through, Michel began experimenting with how to mechanize the Machete.
After the painstaking operation, Mill Reef's racing career was over and he became a stallion at The National Stud in Newmarket.
As will be explained later, in connection with academic drawing, it is eminently necessary for the student to train his eye accurately to observe the forms of things by the most painstaking of drawings.
Because Lincoln documents are so voluminous and widely scattered, any attempt to identify, gather, and publish them all is a long, tedious, painstaking process.
Everything she does has been subjected to painstaking analysis.
He was, in fact, an honest, faithful, and painstaking translator, and he has left a version which, whatever its shortcomings may be, is singularly free from errors and mistranslations.
Her 1999 book, "Labouring to Learn: towards a political economy of education and plantations in Sri Lanka", combines historical perspective with the seldom heard voice of Indian Plantation Tamils in Sri Lanka, unravelling their long and painstaking road to universal educational access over a period of a century and a half.
His historical works embody the results of painstaking research and show analytical power.
I speak in this way, Sancho, to show you that I can shower down proverbs just as well as yourself; and in short, I mean to say, and I do say, that if you don't like to come on reward with me, and run the same chance that I run, God be with you and make a saint of you; for I shall find plenty of squires more obedient and painstaking, and not so thickheaded or talkative as you are."
I wish to show, in the most patient and painstaking way, what a wonderful science it is.
In 1959 Durgamohan Bhattacharyya Professor at Sanskrit College, Calcutta could collect many manuscripts of the Paippalāda-Saṃhitā and its ancillary literature like the Āṅgirasakalpa after painstaking search over years in Odisha and southern West Bengal. Durgamohan Bhattacharyya’s discovery of a living tradition of the Paippalāda-Saṃhitā, unknown till then, was hailed in the Indological world as epoch making.
In the case of "Ding Dong", however, his musical biographer, Simon Leng, recognises this haste as an example of the singer "completely ditch his meticulous approach" to his own music over the 1973–74 period, while remaining a "painstaking craftsman" on concurrent projects for Ravi Shankar and the vocal duo Splinter.
In the early twentieth century, the minbar had a painstaking restoration.
Let painstaking accuracy be your aim for a long time.
Painstaking work, by many bacteriologists, soon discovered the cause of numerous infections.
Rob Harvilla of "The Village Voice" viewed the album as overcooked and called it "a hilariously painstaking attempt to synthesize that lightning, a lost cause taken to delirious extremes, a fascinating catastrophe inspiring equal parts awe and pity."
She paints still lifes and male figures from life in painstaking detail.
The delicate and painstaking task of restoration began in October 1987 and was completed in June 1988.
The House, including the Staircase, was painstaking restored, using traditional materials, tools and techniques, following a major fire in 1995, the second of two arson attacks on the semi-derelict building.
The operator needs a great deal of painstaking patience to make many passes over an area on the sheet in order to form the area correctly.
The training of his eye and hand to the most painstaking accuracy of observation and record must be the student's aim for many years.
The waves of emotion, under the influence of which the eye really sees in any artistic sense, do not last long enough to allow of a slow, painstaking manner of execution.
There is in the appearance of all objects, animate and inanimate, what has been called an#emotional significance#, a hidden rhythm that is not caught by the accurate, painstaking, but cold artist.
Writing in his 1977 book "The Beatles Forever", Nicholas Schaffner bemoaned the fact that "the exquisite, painstaking arrangements" of Harrison's earlier albums were "completely missing" on "Dark Horse", with "Ding Dong" "a string of greeting-card clichés with trite music to match".
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