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Vocabulary Word

Word: quicksilver

Definition: mercury

Sentences Containing 'quicksilver'

A few years later a rogue quicksilver (a human-like creature that can transform into a silver being) and a rebel Dark angel/stygian (an experiment gone wrong that created humans with wings) escaped into the wastelands to hide.
A year later, Whistler Mountain replaced three double chairlifts and the original Creekside gondola with two high-speed quad chairlifts, the Quicksilver Express and Redline Express lifts, also built by Lift Engineering.
Also on the team were the zombies Moon Knight, Namor, Quasar, Quicksilver, Thundra, and Super-Skrull.
At the end of 2010, the new website QSApp.com was launched, with the aim of unifying and collating all of Quicksilver's fragmented builds, plugins and support groups.
Because most Apple-native applications have extensive scripting libraries, many common tasks can easily be performed from Quicksilver.
Because of its flexible interface and extensibility, Quicksilver has been called one of the top productivity applications on the Mac.
Because shell scripts and AppleScripts can be stored in the catalog, any function which can be performed with a script can be tied to Quicksilver through either the command window or triggers.
By applying incremental search as the user types, Quicksilver predicts the filename or action typed by the user and automatically selects the object. Quicksilver users a priority system based on prior usage to "learn" the user's habits, ultimately requiring only a few letters for the most commonly selected objects.
Experimental trunk builds of Quicksilver, known as "Alchemy", have many major changes.
Her balances are endless and triumphantly held; her turns so quicksilver fast you lose track of when they started.
However, as Luna's father Quicksilver had strong ties to the X-Men and her mother Crystal was a member of the Avengers, both teams became involved in the Genoshan conflict. The situation was further complicated by Magneto's lieutenant and self-proclaimed heir Exodus, who sought to kill both Cortez for his betrayal and Luna for "disgracing" Magneto's line by being merely human.
I took out the plug and shook out the little dab of quicksilver, and set my teeth in.
In addition to the core members of the "second team" which were the members seen in the seventies comic book, other Quality heroes joined later: Red Bee, Miss America, Manhunter, Plastic Man, and Quicksilver.
In the Barnett Shale in Texas, French oil firm Total SA entered a joint venture with Chesapeake Energy, and Italy's ENI purchased an interest in Quicksilver Resources.
Invoked with a keyboard shortcut, Quicksilver has three panes, into which the user can enter an object, an action, and an optional attribute—analogous to creating a sentence with a subject, verb, and object. Quicksilver is a background application that runs while the operating system is running, maintaining a "catalog" of files and objects on the user's computer.
Nicholas Jitkoff started development of Quicksilver in 2003.
On March 25, 2013, Quicksilver v1.0 was released after ten years of beta testing.
On October 30, 2007, the source code for Quicksilver was made available via Google Code.
Quicksilver allows users to define "triggers," which perform a specific command (direct object/action/indirect object combination) whenever a customizable keyboard shortcut is pressed.
Quicksilver Express grip failure, December 23, 1995.
Quicksilver has a built-in plug-in architecture, allowing the user to choose and install plug-ins providing integration with a specific program, interface, or new feature.
Quicksilver is a computer utility software computer program for Mac OS X. Originally developed as proprietary freeware by Nicholas Jitkoff of Blacktree, Inc., it is now an open source project hosted on GitHub.
Quicksilver is essentially a graphical shell for the Mac OS X operating system, allowing users to use the keyboard to rapidly perform tasks such as launching applications, manipulating files, or sending e-mail.
Quicksilver is now developed by a team of volunteers known collectively as "QSApp".
Quicksilver's icon is based on the alchemical symbol for mercury, "quicksilver" being an archaic name for the element.
Singers include Emmylou Harris, Doyle Lawson Quicksilver, Rhonda Vincent, Bradley Walker, Carl Jackson, The Church Sisters, Sheryl Crow, Brad Paisley, Marty Raybon, Val Storey, Vince Gill, Joe Diffie, and Ricky Skaggs.
Sunday, August 4, 1968 Blue Cheer, Eric Burdon the Animals, Grateful Dead, Illinois Speed Press, Iron Butterfly, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Byrds, Things to Come.
The first mission of the team was to kill an evil Magneto (female) who melded with that world's Wolverine, Quicksilver (female), Scarlet Warlock (male Scarlet Witch), and Mesmero (female), and already captured (and manipulated) dozens of Wolverines from the previous teams.
The lift operator on the Quicksilver lift pressed the button to make a routine stop, to allow a fallen skier to get out of the way of the unloading ramp.
The next milestone came when every member but Captain America resigned; they were replaced by three former villains: Hawkeye, the Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver.
The Quicksilver lift was replaced with a Poma gondola, the Creekside Gondola, while the Green Chair Express and Redline lifts were removed and replaced with Doppelmayr high speed quad chair lifts, aptly named the Emerald Express and Big Red Express lifts.
The QuickSilver project at Cornell University is an AFRL-funded effort to build a platform in support of a new generation of scalable, secure, reliable distributed computing applications able to "regenerate" themselves after failure.
The true origins of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were revealed in a three-part story that ran in issues #185-187 (July-Sept.
The Zodiac LMD's were recruited by Quicksilver during his bout with temporary insanity, and Quicksilver ordered the Zodiac LMD's to destroy Avengers for their imagined wrongdoings.
Then it is that hearts leap and laughter breaks forth, and the body grows restless and all the senses turn quicksilver.
There are various visual interfaces for Quicksilver, Constellation Menus supporting mouse gestures, and a Notification Hub which supports Growl.
These builds have four major components: "Crucible", a framework with extension to AppKit and tools common to all Alchemy applications; "elements", a framework supporting the plugin architecture; "quicksilver", a command window driven launcher; and "catalyst", which triggers a preference pane.
This Mesmero was part of the Brotherhood of Mutants alongside Magneto, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (all gender-swapped, with Scarlet Witch now being called Scarlet Warlock).
This team featured the roster of Hercules, Amadeus Cho, Stature, the Vision, Jocasta, U.S. Agent, Quicksilver, and Pym himself.
Well, then I happened to think how they always put quicksilver in loaves of bread and float them off, because they always go right to the drownded carcass and stop there.
What that was, whether essence of quicksilver, or a few drops of hartshorn, there is no telling.
Writing in "The Times", dance critic Donald Hutera gave a more measured response, saying that it was better to "surrender to the show's deceptively shambolic quicksilver atmosphere" than concentrate overmuch on the plot.

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