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Sentences Containing 'emanate'

This promise of an impotent old man was so strange that, instead of being the result of the power of his will, it might emanate from enfeebled organs.
What appears to you to emanate from a celestial source, seems to me to proceed from one far less pure.
A new larger studio known as Color Studio 2 is at 1268 East 14th Street, on the northwest corner of its intersection with Avenue M. Programs such as "The Perry Como Variety Show", TV's adaptation of Broadway's "Peter Pan" with Mary Martin, "The Sammy Davis, Jr. Variety Show", the nighttime version of the quiz show "Tic Tac Dough", "Sing Along With Mitch Miller" (And His "Sing-Along Gang") (1961–64) which featured a then-young singer named Leslie Uggams, who years later became best known for her role in the historic TV epic "Roots", were all taped there for later broadcast. Old NBC press releases show that two of the earliest shows to emanate from there (both then considered early NBC "Big Specials") were "The Esther Williams Aqua Special" (October 29, 1956), and "Satins Spurs" (10/12/1954).
Rather than overlaying songs on the soundtrack, or employing a score, "The Wire" primarily uses pieces of music that emanate from a source within the scene, such as a jukebox or car radio.
She used to say that "poems emanate from the suffering soul and like children, they are born in suffering."
The source of light, rather than beaming down from one particular direction, appears to emanate from within the canvas itself, with an intensification in the vicinity of the bathers.
When an electrical charge passes through a wormhole, the particle's charge field lines appear to emanate from the entry mouth and the exit mouth gains a charge density deficit due to Bernoulli's principle.
Due to the proximity to the Popocatépetl, Puebla is some times exposed to the ash and dust that emanate from the volcano during its active periods, the most recent occurring on May 8, 2013.
The powers and functions of the Speaker emanate from the Constitution and the Rules of Procedure.
At times land systems are not referred to directly, but used within terms of "land resources" and "landform resources" analysis and appraisal. The government departments from which reports and papers emanate include the Agricultural and Mining departments, as well as Land administration bodies.
By the 1970s, the river started to emanate offensive smells, and in the 1980s, fishing in the river was prohibited.

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Maybe you are studying for a standardized test like the GRE, ACT, SAT, or TOEFL? Or perhaps you are simply wanting to improve your reading comprehension and writing skills. In either case the vocabulary builder can help in your quest to expand your lexicon. We recommend a daily dose to slowly build your vocabulary one new word at a time. Incorporating just one new word into your word-stock each day will dramatically improve your comprehension, communication skills, and perhaps even change your life (stranger things have happened).

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