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Sentences Containing 'fiasco'

As a result of the compressed air motor fiasco, the company went into receivership.
Game confirmed that fellow West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg would appear twice on the album, as well as rapper Lupe Fiasco guest featuring on the album.
On June 13, 2011 Game revealed he did a song with rapper Lupe Fiasco titled "Skate On".
Studying the events of several American policy "disasters" such as the failure to anticipate the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (1941) and the Bay of Pigs Invasion fiasco (1961), Irving Janis argued that they were due to the cohesive nature of the committees that made the relevant decisions.
22 tracks in total. I have the Clipse on there, I got Trey Songz in there, I got Lupe Fiasco on there, I have Nickelus F who is this amazing artist from Virginia who I'm very very tight with and we work together a lot, we worked together.
Despite fulfilling his mission with skill, a disagreement with the CCP leaders and Borodin led to a fiasco. Roy returned to Moscow where factions supporting Leon Trotsky and Grigory Zinoviev were busy fighting with Stalin's.
My Morning Jacket Does Xmas Fiasco Style
My Morning Jacket Does Xmas Fiasco Style is a 2000 EP by the rock band My Morning Jacket.
As a result, Lesnar's match with Goldberg became a fiasco as the fans at Madison Square Garden jeered and heckled both wrestlers vociferously.
However, a fiasco involving Coleco and "Donkey Kong" soured the relationship between the two during the negotiations, and Atari refused to back Nintendo's console.
Pre-programmed in Germany, the album was entirely recorded in Philadelphia and features appearances by American rappers Lupe Fiasco, Raekwon, and Governor.
In spring 2007 Denalane released the single "Change" (featuring Lupe Fiasco) in the United Kingdom, but it failed to chart.
By spring 2004, in the aftermath of the election fiasco, the organization faced more turmoil when Branimir Nikolić, prominent activist from Otpor's Subotica chapter, publicly accused the party central, namely Homen and Konstantinović, of embezzling the foreign funds that were poured into the organization over the years.
However, after the military fiasco of the summer offensive (June 1917) by the Russian Provisional Government, and in particular after the failed summer offensive of the Provisional Government had devastated the structure of the Russian Army, it became crucial that Lenin realize the promised peace.
One result was the famous fiasco of the "Paris "Tannhäuser"" of 1861, when Wagner insisted on inserting the requisite ballet into the first act, and the second act, with the members of the Jockey Club arriving to view their favourites in the corps de ballet, was all but hissed off the stage: Wagner never permitted another production in Paris.
The extent of the defeat was such that it entered into the modern Greek language as a proverb: "η νίλα του Δράμαλη" (Dramali's fiasco), which is used to denote a complete disaster.
"YOLO" was written by all performers of the track, The Lonely Island, Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar. The song was produced by Needlz, who had previously worked with Lupe Fiasco and 50 Cent.
Sheeran was also featured on "Old School Love", the lead single from Lupe Fiasco's fifth studio album "Tetsuo Youth".
The Financial Fiasco. Its first (and unique) edition was released in the middle of October 2007.
However, by late February, the plans were cancelled, citing the recent Carnival Cruise fiasco as a reason for the idea losing support.
Despite the turmoil the Reds faced in with manager Pete Rose's betting fiasco, Birtsas managed to put together a respectable season.

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