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Word: whorl

Definition: ring of leaves around stem; ring; circular arrangement; Ex. whorls on the fingers

Sentences Containing 'whorl'

Above the middle of each whorl, there is a strong carination that projects slightly.
Carlloceras has a moderately involute shell with a compressed trapezoidal whorl section, nearly flat ventral and lateral areas, and slight dorsal impression.
Diorugoceras is very involute and smooth, with a compressed whorl section with broad, slightly convex flanks that converge toward a concave venter.
Early whorl sections tend to be subtriangular; become broader and dorsally impressed in closely coiled forms.
Generally small, evolute with round, oval, square or rectangular whorl sections.
One of its most striking characteristics is its rich ornamentation, with foliated cords and spines over the body whorl and shoulder, respectively.
Staminodes are frequently inconspicuous and stamen-like, usually occurring at the inner whorl of the flower, but are also sometimes long enough to protrude from the corolla. Sometimes, the staminodes are modified to produce nectar, as in the Witch Hazel "(Hamamelis)".
The anthers and stigma are present in a whorl like mound at the center of the flower in a dusty yellow coloring.
The back of the body whorl has a peculiar hump or longitudinal varix.
The body whorl is angular at the periphery.
The body whorl is elongated, rounded in the middle, appressed below the suture, convex beneath.
The body whorl is rounded, with a strong peripheral keel, being the basal one of the upper whorls, and a convex base.
The body whorl shows a tendency to a second carination.
The Centroceratidae, which range from the Middle Devonian to the Lower Permian, are characterized by gyroconic, evolute tarphyceraconic, and involute nautiliconic shells with compressed whorls, typically with a quadrangular whorl section in which the flanks converge on venter that is much narrower than the dorsum and ventral and umbilical shoulders are sharply angular, or rarely rounded.
The color is whitish or yellowish white, the body whorl below the periphery chocolate, sometimes with a white band at the base.
The earlier, related "Domatoceras" is evolute, with a more quadrate whorl section.
The former and larger whorl to its right was lit by the titular "sun dagger", which bisected it through another interplay of slab and sun.
The interstices are transversely striated The back of the body whorl is smooth.
The large, convex body whorl contains 17 radial riblets.
The last whorl in adults is elongated and is not angulated.
The last whorl is slender and, in apertural view, the outer lip continues the profile of the spire.
The last whorl occupies about half of the shell's height, the aperture a third. Color.
The other whorls are sculptured by numerous concentric ribs and spiral lirae, about 9 in number on the penultimate whorl, producing a cancellated appearance.
The periphery and the base of the body whorl are well rounded.
The periphery of the body whorl and the base of the shell are well rounded, the latter marked by seven spiral cords.
The periphery of the body whorl is well rounded.
The shell is yellowish brown, spotted with chestnut and with one large spot on the back of the body whorl.
The surface is covered with alternating striae and lirae; fine, parallel "scratches" and "wires" Strophiceras has a probably gyroconic shell with a higher than wide, compressed, subrectangular whorl section with slightly arched dorsum and venter and flattned flanks.
There are 6-7 post nuclear whorls with 2-4 incised spiral grooves on the inner side of each whorl.
There are two main stocks, one of high-whorled compressed forms which left no descendants, the other, more evolute with round or square whorl sections, which gave rise to the Mortoniceratinae.
This has led to suggestions that it may be what remains of the grass sepals (outer perianth whorl): specifically the two adaxial members of the three membered whorl typical of monocots.
Two whorl-shaped etchings near the top of Fajada Butte compose the "Sun Dagger" petroglyph, itself tucked behind the eponymous rock panels of the "Three-Slab Site".
Usually there are 3 spiral bands on each whorl of the spire, up to 6 on the last whorl of the shell.

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