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Sentences Containing 'advert'

It may be worth while, therefore, previously to advert to those curious imaginary portraits of him which even down to the present day confidently challenge the faith of the landsman.
McKenzie covered many big news stories including the Lockerbie trial. McKenzie starred in a TV advert for Nokia, presenting award ceremonies including Formula One and other events.
The Harpic "Send for the Experts" (2008) advert featured Tom Reynolds.
After several months of sheer desperation, he responds to an advert by an English engineering company, the Spartacus Machine Tool Company of Wolverhamption.
The 1970s adverts were voted TV ad of the century by "Campaign Magazine", and 2nd best television advert of all time in a 2000 poll conducted by "The Sunday Times" and Channel 4, beaten by Guinness' "Surfer" advertisement from 1999.
Though visually appealing with water "flowing" throughout various people in the video, the band consider it a failure because they believe it resembles a television advert.
In 1913 he was released by Blackburn on a free transfer; unable to find a club he was forced to place an advert in "The Athletic News", which read: Ashcroft eventually signed for Tranmere Rovers, where he played for one more season before World War I intervened and all first-class football was halted; he seems to have retired from playing football at that point.
He is particularly remembered for his portrayal of J.R. Hartley in the 1983 Yellow Pages advert "Fly Fishing by J. R. Hartley", which Channel 4 has listed as the 13th greatest television advertisement of all time.
He found fame late in life, through the Yellow Pages 1983 TV advert in which Lumsden played J.R. Hartley, a fictional character in search of an out of print book called "Fly Fishing" by 'J.R. Hartley'.
The advert has left such a lasting impression, that it was reworked and remade for a new generation in 2011, 28 years later, this time featuring a middle-aged DJ looking for his only hit in old record shops, not finding any luck until his daughter gives him the Yellow Pages (now on an iPhone 4G), with him finding the record. Death.
Dixon also can be seen in the 2008 Land of Leather advert, however her voice has recently been dubbed on the advert.
Placing an advert in the local newspaper, he offered to sell the car to the first person who turned up at his mothers house in Farnham, Surrey with £200.
Folk etymologies claim it as an American invention and trace its name to a product Ovington's $8.50 mahogany "Revolving Server or Lazy Susan" advertised in a 1917 "Vanity Fair", but its use well predates both the advert and (probably) the country.
The ASA did not uphold the complaints, pointing out that the advert was already classified as inappropriate for airing during children's television programmes as it contained a premium rate telephone number, and that it was the broadcasters' decision how often an advertisement should be shown.
An estimated 10% of the population saw the advert more than 60 times.
It was introduced with the advert when a delivery truck carrying it shows made up name "Not Made From Wheat Made From Oats Instead-Abix".
Suggesting the project had echoes of Tatlin's Monument to the Third International, and especially Constant Nieuwenhuys' utopian city New Babylon, he asked whether "Orbit" was just as revolutionary or possessed the same ideological purpose, or whether it was merely "a giant advert for one of the world’s biggest multinationals, sweetened with a bit of fun".
The advert was directed by Czech director Ivan Zacharias with help from the production company Stink and post-production work by The Moving Picture Company.
This marketing included an advert, featuring a Branston Bean Tin explaining how Branston Beans are very "saucy."
The 60-second advert featured an encounter between a young man and woman who are on opposite platforms while he sings to her.
(Daniel Cox) "It was central to the development of the project that we root the concept of wearing a seat belt firmly in the family domain, and create the advert so that it could be viewed by anyone of any age.
In November 2010 "Embrace Life" won the inaugural YouTube Advert of the Year Award, winning with three times more votes than its nearest competitor.
During September 2007, the song "1234" was featured in Apple's television advertisement for the third generation iPod nano. The advert caused a sudden increase in the song's popularity, which resulted in a surge in the song's chart position.
Although she gets rid of the ad to stop Angela moving in, Boyce tells her about the room, answers the advert, and eventually moves in.
Almost a decade later, after The Bluebells had disbanded, the song was re-released as a single in 1993 after being featured in a TV advert on British television for the Volkswagen Golf.

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