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Sentences Containing 'parochial'

The parochial clergy derive many of them, a very considerable part of their subsistence from the voluntary oblations of the people; a source of revenue, which confession gives them many opportunities of improving.
The parochial clergy are like those teachers whose reward depends partly upon their salary, and partly upon the fees or honoraries which they get from their pupils; and these must always depend, more or less, upon their industry and reputation.
In Roman catholic countries, the spirit of devotion is supported altogether by the monks, and by the poorer parochial clergy.
In 1832 the parochial Church of the Santos Reis Magos was begun, and it was consecrated in 1843.
Between 1832 and 1847 the chapel served as an ornate parochial seat, its austere main nave in contrast to a painted lateral chapel, constructed in a revivalist style and embossed with gold.
Near Ribeira Funda (named for a nearby deep ravine, since "ribeira funda" means ), the parochial Church of "Nossa Senhora da Aflição" () was constructed.
However, the authorities could not act strategically and appeared to be only interested in their own parochial interests.
The diocese and its parishes sponsor twenty-six parochial schools and preschools, including TMI — The Episcopal School of Texas (founded as "West Texas Military Academy"), A boarding college preparatory school on the outskirts of San Antonio.
According to the "Règlement" outlined by the priest, the teachers were not bound by religious vows (they were bound to the sisterhood only by their oaths), not held to the cloistered life, not required to wear the religious habit and not even assigned to a house, but they could be sent in pairs to any of the parochial schools that required them.
Parishes were run by vestries, meeting annually to appoint officials, and were generally identical to ecclesiastical parishes, although some townships in large parishes administered the "Poor Law" themselves; under the Divided Parishes and Poor Law Amendment Act 1882, all extra-parochial areas and townships that levied a separate rate became independent civil parishes.
James G. Blaine, a leader of the Maine and national Republican parties following the Civil War, and the party’s candidate for U.S. President in 1884, helped deepen the rift between his party and Irish voters by sponsoring, while still Speaker of the US House of Representatives, a proposed amendment to the US Constitution which would have outlawed the use of tax money to pay for parochial schools.
The Klan found champions, however, in state senators Mark Alton Barwise and Owen Brewster, who sponsored legislation seeking to outlaw state aid to parochial schools.
The Academy is affiliated with Ursuline Education Services (UES), National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA), and The College Board, and is a member of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS).
One of his "Contimporanul" pamphlets, "Scrisoare disperată" ("Desperate Letter"), spoke of Romania as excessively parochial and backward-looking: "A motherland where laws and books need to be prepared a hundred years in advance, so that then, when the right time comes, the needs and tastes may change!"
He claimed the citizens were far too parochial in their outlook; they were far more concerned with domestic issues rather than national politics.
He received his early education at the parochial school of St.
In the 12th century, the Irish Church moved towards a parochial model, in which Raheny was within the Diocese of Glendalough.
Bishop Plunket also transferred the right of presentation of the Rector to the Parish, with a regular Board of Nomination, and parochial nominators were elected in 1939.
In March 1969, the new Parochial Hall was dedicated as "Johnston Hall", and about the same time, the freehold of the land at All Saints was finally purchased from the Howth Estate, and the Rector retired due to ill health.
Having left the university in 1816 he held successively a number of curacies, and in 1827 he published "Essays on the Philosophical Evidence of Christianity", followed by a volume of "Parochial Sermons illustrative of the Importance of the Revelation of God in Jesus Christ" (1828).
Its former area is now part of the Forest of Dean district. The Forest of Dean was an extra-parochial area in the St Briavels hundred of Gloucestershire.
Some religions, such as Roman Catholicism, require the burial or entombment of cremated remains, but burial of cremated remains may often be accomplished in the burial plot of another person, such as a family member, without any additional cost. This option is charged for in England in an Anglican church where the fee is set by the Table of Parochial Fees (£36 to incumbent and £78 to church council) a total of £114 in 2010 with a marker charged as extra.
Typically non-parochial ministry in the working hours of local priests, chaplains are appointed to 14 schools, to 10 FE Colleges/Universities, 23 hospitals and homes, the four prisons, Guildford and Woking town centres, Community of St Peter and Acorn Christian foundation, to the Ambulance Service.
Paul's English High School, the Roman Catholic parochial school was the top school of choice for the children of the elite.
Topeka Lutheran School is accredited by the Kansas State Department of Education and provides a parochial Lutheran education for kindergarten through 8th grade students.
Cade attended Kentucky and Ohio parochial schools while growing up.
There are three parochial schools in Sun Prairie.
It was at this time that the western part of modern Harringay became part of the Hundred of Ossulstone and that its parochial and manorial history was established.
Lawrence River, where, with the exception of occasional parochial service, he remained until 1753, when he retired to Quebec.
The Skyline's 1992 victory was particularly controversial. Already disliked by a section of the parochial Bathurst crowd, who preferred the race to be a contest between the traditional V8 touring car marques of Holden and Ford, the leading Skyline of Jim Richards and Mark Skaife was awarded victory after the race was stopped following a huge rainstorm that caused a number of crashes, including that of the winning car.
Bus passes are available at area businesses, public, private, and parochial schools, and other places.
He considered that parochial organizations had not kept pace in the city with the growing population.
He declared that twenty new churches, with parishes, should be erected in Glasgow; and he set to work to revive the old parochial economy of Scotland.
Parochial machinery gave Chalmers experience in dealing with the problem of poor relief.
Redress is supported by the United Nations, the European Commission, Oxfam, the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, UK Department for International Development DFID, Bromley Trust, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Oak Foundation, City Parochial Foundation.
As a youth he attended a parochial school at Andover, Illinois.
In addition to Ossining’s public schools, there are three parochial schools in the area that include kindergarten through eighth grade.
He was educated in parochial schools there and was graduated from St.
In 1842 he founded and became President of the National Philanthropic Association and in 1846 he founded the Poor Man's Guardian Society, 'instituted for the purpose of aiding the destitute in their approach for parochial relief, and for securing them the legal and humane dispensation of the Poor-law.'
Recently an artificial pitch, hurling wall and parochial house has been built with the genorisity of labour and funds of the local community.
Adalbert School was a Polish National Catholic private parochial school and was constructed next to the church.
During his tenure, he established 10 parishes and 19 parochial schools, and organized the diocesan Catholic Charities and a department of education.
Christ Presbyterian Academy (often referred to as CPA) is a parochial, coeducational, college preparatory school for students in grades K-12 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Beyond such parochial concerns the crisis in Central America still raged on, presenting a daunting prospect for any Honduran leader.
The parochial burial ground of Killaldriffe is nearby and is reputed to be the ancient burial place of the kings of Munster, based on an alternate name Killardrigh, or "Church of the High King."
The Tri-County Conference (TCC) is an athletic conference consisting of both public and parochial high schools located in Camden County, Cape May County, Cumberland County, Gloucester County and Salem County, New Jersey.
OCS is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and is a member of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS).
Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kleczka attended the parochial schools.
Bennington is home to a variety of municipal, parochial and private schools.

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