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Sentences Containing 'concave'

The last three types, called concave lenses, scatter parallel rays so that they do not come to a focus, but diverge widely after passage through the lens.
Nearsightedness can be remedied by wearing concave glasses, since they separate the light and move the focus farther away.
Concave glasses, by separating the rays and making the focus more distant, overbalance a wide eyeball with its tendency to focus objects in front of the retina.
Supposing there is a convex curve on the one side, you will often have a concave form on the other.
Through the larger part of the river works of contraction will not be required, but nearly all the banks on the concave side of the beds must be held against the wear of the stream, and much of the opposite banks defended at critical points.
In ordinary combs it has appeared to me that the bees do not always succeed in working at exactly the same rate from the opposite sides; for I have noticed half-completed rhombs at the base of a just-commenced cell, which were slightly concave on one side, where I suppose that the bees had excavated too quickly, and convex on the opposed side where the bees had worked less quickly.
In the middle of the concave side, there is a groove twelve inches deep, in which the extremities of the axle are lodged, and turned round as there is occasion.
The Mosque has several domes, the largest being over the mihrab and the entrance to the prayer hall from the courtyard. The dome of the mihrab is based on an octagonal drum with slightly concave sides, raised on a square base, decorated on each of its three southern, Easter and western faces with five flat-bottomed niches surmounted by five semi-circular arches, the niche in the middle is cut by a lobed oculus enrolled in a circular frame.
The latter, which its hemispherical cap is cut by 24 concave grooves radiating around the top, is based on ridged horns shaped shell and a drum pierced by eight circular windows which are inserted between sixteen niches grouped by two.
The niches are covered with carved stone panels, finely adorned with characteristic geometric, vegetal and floral patterns of the Aghlabid decorative repertoire : shells, cusped arches, rosettes, vine-leaf, etc. From the outside, the dome of the mihrab is based on an octagonal drum with slightly concave sides, raised on a square base, decorated on each of its three southern, Easter and western faces with five flat-bottomed niches surmounted by five semi-circular arches, the niche in the middle is cut by a lobed oculus enrolled in a circular frame.
The oldest boards date back to the Aghlabid period (ninth century) and are decorated with scrolls and rosettes on a red background consists of squares with concave sides in which are inscribed four-petaled flowers in green and blue, and those performed by the Zirid Dynasty (eleventh century) are characterized by inscriptions in black kufic writing with gold rim and the uprights of the letters end with lobed florets, all on a brown background adorned with simple floral patterns.
Considered as the oldest example of concave mihrab, it dates in its present state to 862-863 AD.
Homaloceras is the most primitive, with a laterally compressed, cyrtoconic to gyronic shell with a narrow, concave venter, broadly convex flanks, and rounded dorsum, The suture is only slightly sinuous, the siphuncle tubular and near the venter.
Diorugoceras is very involute and smooth, with a compressed whorl section with broad, slightly convex flanks that converge toward a concave venter.
The mirror landing aid was a gyroscopically-controlled concave mirror on the port side of the flight deck.
The concave mirror, source light combination was replaced with a series of fresnel lenses.
These massive pieces of marble consist of a concave segment with a large frontal peacock carved in the center, tail fanned out proud.
In the next interstice they are concave and at last convex towards the basal liration.
Their dark, small leaves are obovate to blunt-tipped (reverse triangular) or even concave at the tip.
The leaves of "F. natalensis" are similar, though more rounded and never concave at the tip.
The spinous dorsal fin is slightly concave posteriorly and the last soft dorsal ray is attached by a membrane to the caudal peduncle.
The lower boundary of abdomen assumes shape of semicircle, and the upper edge of torso with two concave curves becomes regular in form.
The lizard has a concave forehead, swollen cheeks and smooth, unequal upper head-scales.
Tree islands form on convex topography, which tends to gather less snow and shed it sooner than surrounding level or concave topography.
The forewing inner margin is deeply concave before the tornus.
In 1954 Edward Teller hosted a meeting exploring some of these issues, and noted that he felt plasmas would be inherently more stable if they were following convex lines of magnetic force, rather than concave. It was not clear at the time if this manifested itself in the real world, but over time the wisdom of these words become apparent.
While on the outside, the particles are being pushed inward, following a concave line.
One observer praised "the fine acoustics that have been achieved by the creation of irregularly surfaced concave walls."
The inner surface of the skull-cap is concave and presents depressions for the convolutions of the cerebrum, together with numerous furrows for the lodgement of branches of the meningeal vessels.
"Uintatherium" was a large browsing animal. Its most unusual feature was the skull, which is both large and strongly built, but simultaneously flat and concave: this feature is rare and not regularly characteristic of any other known mammal except in some brontotheres.
Males are recognized from other two-clawed "Acanthogonatus" by the bulb with a lateral keel delimiting a concave area; females by the spermathecae with an almost conical basal mound and its duct arising from its tip (similar spermathecae occur in "A. franki").
Flail prolapse occurs when a leaflet tip turns outward, becoming concave toward the left atrium, causing the deterioration of the mitral valve.
In late temples these walls frequently had alternating concave and convex courses of bricks, so that the top of the wall undulated vertically.
By alternating concave and convex surfaces, he made “light shapes” which were close to constructivist poetics.
Additionally, Seeley' referral was based on a single character, "articular surface is very slightly concave, with a small round depression at the centre", a feature that is now known to be common in other pliosaurids as well.
Finally, the lateral surface of the mandible dorsoventrally concave posteriorly, while other thalassophoneans show flat or weakly convex lateral surface of the postedentary bones.
The bold design has imposing proportions with long walls and concave sweeps in the moderne style.
The whorls are nearly straight, but slightly convex in the upper part, slightly concave near the lower suture.
The river's name comes from the Ojibwa word "waanabidebiing", or "concave-tooth water", which describes the shape of Lake Wanapitei.
The "posterior surface", convex from above downward, concave from side to side, is smooth, and forms part of the anterior wall of the pelvis.
It differs from all other "Theretra" species in the forewing shape, which is acute apically, concave below the apex on the outer margin and rounded at the tornus, giving a very broad-winged appearance.
To make Beaufort, first, the milk is heated and then cast into a beechwood hoop or mold which gives the cheese its distinctive concave shape.
Rather than the usual half round deck on the top of the fuselage, the Wee Bee's decking was concave as it reached the flat fuselage sides, making for a better view from the two tandem cockpits.
Risk-seeking behavior can be observed in the negative domain formula_1 for prospect theory value functions, where the functions are convex for formula_1 but concave for formula_3.
The utility function whose expected value is maximized is convex for a risk-seeker, concave for a risk-averse agent, and linear for a risk-neutral agent.
They consist of a concave depression, no more than a few centimetres across, pecked into a rock surface and often surrounded by concentric circles also etched into the stone.
The antennae are moderately long,terminating in an elongate, gradually-formed club, flattened on its upper surface.The thorax is not robust and it is as broad as the head and slightly hairy posteriorly.The wing characters are: fore-wings elongate, rather truncate; costa only slightly arched; apex not acute, but well marked ; hind-margin slightly convex and sinuated ; anal angle distinct ; inner-margin convex near base, slightly concave about middle.

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