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Sentences Containing 'clandestine'

If it could not be done with Mr. Mills's sanction and concurrence, I besought a clandestine interview in the back kitchen where the Mangle was.
'I am poorly qualified to judge of such matters,' replied Agnes, with a modest hesitation, 'but I certainly feel--in short, I feel that your being secret and clandestine, is not being like yourself.'
During the German occupation of Norway, Rosenquist had a central position in the clandestine intelligence organization XU.
Including a clandestine mission into Kabul to meet Afghan Army Generals who wanted to work with Haq following the Soviet withdrawal. Little has been written about Gunston's life before the Afghan war.
In particular, she has turned the head of their butler Lavernay, but despite both of them assuring their employers they would be discreet, within a couple of weeks they had been spotted together on clandestine meetings after dark.
The story lampoons the notorious New York City to Albany night boat, on which clandestine romances were common.
Necessarily produced under clandestine conditions, "The Southern Worker" bore a false dateline indicating it was produced in Birmingham, Alabama in an effort to confuse local police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Between 1945 and 1948, he played a leading role in the clandestine immigration enterprise in Palestine, commanding four Aliyah Bet ships: Knesset Israel, the Exodus, Atzma'ut and Kibbutz Galuyot.
For example, the protagonist would have to choose between carrying out his obligations to his family/feudal lord or pursuing a clandestine love affair.
Its main tool in pursuing this goal is the application of forensic anthropology techniques in exhumations of clandestine mass graves.
The album was released on June 25, 2004 through the band's own mini label, Clandestine Musick.
Therefore clandestine literature was able to circulate around France.
Some of the military forces were set up on the basis of clandestine officers' organisations in the cities.
The book was illustrated by Joe Tesauro and published by Clandestine Industries.
Yet there is now evidence that Weil was recruited by the Special Operations Executive, with a view to sending her back to France as a clandestine wireless operator.
Many of the dispossessed monks and nuns formed semi-legal clandestine communities around the country after the closures.
In the same episode, Dawn, who has been stealing from stores, including Anya's magic shop, lies to Buffy and goes on a clandestine and almost deadly date.
Tallmadge combined reconnaissance with clandestine visits into British territory to recruit agents, and he attained distinction for his conduct of the Culper Ring operating out of New York.
Harmon made six illegal, clandestine trips into Afghanistan in order to film the Mujahideen in Kandahar and other provinces.
FRETILIN clandestine movement (1980–1999).
By the 1990s, there were approximately fewer than 200 guerilla fighters remaining in the mountains, and the separatist idea had largely shifted to the clandestine front in the cities.
The clandestine movement, however, was largely paralyzed by continuous arrests and infiltration by Indonesian agents.
During the German occupation of Norway he was a member of the clandestine intelligence organization XU.
They spent a week's honeymoon in Kentucky, after which Hines returned to his clandestine activities in Canada.
The following clandestine organizations, some of which may be defunct, are sometimes associated with the deep state: Incidents.
Her chief successes were obtained as Harriot in the 'Jealous Wife' of Colman, and Fanny in the 'Clandestine Marriage' of Garrick and Colman, both original parts.
Floor 13 is a single-player computer game set in the United Kingdom, where the player is the director of a secret governmental agency involved in clandestine domestic operations.
In January 1967 he became a clandestine, a usual method used by the members of the Communist Party to avoid detentions.
In 1952, the Office of Special Operations was combined with the Office of Policy Coordination to form the Directorate of Plans, which later became the National Clandestine Service.
He learns of the deaths of Alister Cullen and Jebediah d'Alcara on January 10, 918, and later makes a clandestine rendezvous with Tavis O'Neill.
In 1920 he joined the clandestine Ukrainian Military Organization.
On 5 February 1648, King's Men players were arrested in the midst of a clandestine performance of "Rollo" at the Cockpit Theatre.
For example, UW missions were sometimes initiated by paramilitary personnel of the Central Intelligence Agency, sometimes with SF personnel on clandestine detail to the CIA.
Such operations can range from overt (i.e., "white propaganda") radio and television broadcasts, to clandestine material purporting to be issued by the opposition (i.e., "black propaganda").
Initial contact. Small units or individuals, typically from SF or CIA, make clandestine contact with leaders in the AO, and gain agreement that SF teams will be welcomed.
Should the infiltrators not be able to find their local contacts, they should have a variety of backup plans, ranging from establishing a clandestine base and waiting for contact, or to be recovered by their own side.
SF personnel, possibly supplemented with communications and security experts in the AO, as well as support organizations outside the country, create the clandestine cell system to be used by hidden units.
When sabotage takes place, it may be covert rather than clandestine, in that the enemy knows he has been hurt, but may not know who hurt him.
The SF support detachment has the responsibility for delivering supplies to the UW units in the field, by means specific to the situation, ranging from clandestine parachuting to armed conventional convoy crossing to the AO.
They were initially formed in the United Kingdom and are presently organized around clandestine cells (which it calls "traditional nexions") and around what it calls "sinister tribes".
In particular, he discovered that Pakistan's nuclear program depended upon clandestine and illegal procurement activity within the United States.
Clandestine is a Celtic music group from Houston, Texas.
The original Clandestine was a pipe-and-drum quartet in Houston.
Original member bagpiper E.J. Jones moved to Pittsburgh, met guitarist and singer Jen Hamel in Pittsburgh, and convinced her to return to Houston to perform as part of Clandestine.
In 2006, with Jen's blessing, they officially reformed Clandestine with themselves and a fourth member, Al Cofrin, on Irish cittern, folk guitar, and medieval bagpipes.
The band made their formal debut as Clandestine at the Mucky Duck Pub in Houston on St.
Apparently Clandestine also appears on 2 discs "The Houston Music Council Eclectic Music Showcase" and "Blarneyfest", according to Celtic Nations World.
His case illustrates the circumstances of the arrest, detention, and the torture suffered by those detained, and evidences the existence of clandestine jails.
However, civil disobedience was used to protest this, and clandestine notes sent to the Pope to obtain justice were answered by papal recognition of San Marino's rights, which restored them to independence.
When her parents moved away from Piet Retief, the clandestine visits were no longer possible.

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