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Vocabulary Word

Word: beneficiary

Definition: person entitled to benefits or proceeds of an insurance policy or will

Sentences Containing 'beneficiary'

1982 was a rough year for Republicans due to a recession and Borski would be a beneficiary of the public discontent.
A beneficiary of the trust then offered £6,500 for the same land.
According to Magid’s website, "Auto Portrait Pending" still “awaits a Beneficiary.” Books.
After his death, Bayley's widow alleged that his mistress knew a "terrible secret" about Bayley and claimed this was the reason the mistress was the main beneficiary upon his death.
Although Dalton was married and had a daughter who died in infancy in the early 1920s, his biographer Ben Pimlott suggested that he was a repressed homosexual. As a young man, Dalton was close to the poet Rupert Brooke, who died in 1915, and in later years, he acted as a mentor to various handsome young men - who were almost uniformly heterosexual. One notable beneficiary of Dalton's support was Anthony Crosland, whom Dalton talent-spotted at the Oxford Union in 1946 and whose selection for a winnable seat for the 1950 General Election Dalton later helped to arrange.
An additional Beneficiary Contract allows for ownership of “the artist (in symbolic terms) until her death, after which her ashes will be transformed into a jewel to be put in the ring on permanent display.” "Auto Portrait Pending" displays the incomplete form of Magid’s self-portrait; her preamble, the contract, the Beneficiary Contract, a ring box and the unset gold ring make up its existing parts.
An EN works with each beneficiary to identify employment goals and write an Individual Work Plan (IWP) that both the beneficiary and EN agree upon.
An Energy Performance Investment is a funding solution that enables entities (the end beneficiary) to acquire Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) via a third party investor and pay for them from the financial value of the proven energy savings achieved using a pay-as-you-save mechanism.
Antigua and Barbuda is a beneficiary of the U.S. Caribbean Basin Initiative.
Beneficiary Access Support Services (BASS) helps Social Security reach millions of eligible beneficiaries.
Cavotec INET is also the beneficiary of several certifications as a contractor for federal and local governments in USA.
Coburn co-authored the Patients Choice Act of 2009 (S. 1099), a Republican plan for Health care reform in the United States, which purported to 1) prevent disease and promote healthier lifestyles, 2) create affordable and accessible health insurance options, 3) equalize the tax treatment of health care, 4) modernize the Medicaid and Medicare beneficiary choice, 5) ensure compensation for injured patients and 6) establish transparency in health care price and quality.
For beneficiaries who receive SSDI, cash benefits continue for a defined time period and are eliminated only when the beneficiary reaches a level of earnings, known as Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA), through his or her job.
Gardner also led Republican opposition to legislation to create designated beneficiary agreements, calling them "de facto civil unions," and to legislation strengthening regulations on oil and gas drilling, and to Colorado joining the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. In May 2009, Gardner was the commencement speaker at Florence High School's graduation.
Her estate passed into a trust fund, the Lynne Unger Children's Trust, which was administered by accountants in Santa Monica, California; her daughter was the beneficiary.
However, Prince Hans-Adam II is still the main beneficiary of the Foundation at the present time.
If a beneficiary assigns the Ticket to an EN and later changes his or her mind about working with that EN, the beneficiary can un-assign the Ticket and take it to another EN.
If a beneficiary’s earned income is high enough to disqualify him or her from coverage under 1619(b), many states enable beneficiaries who have returned to work to purchase Medicaid coverage at affordable rates through State-administered “Buy-In” programs.
In 1966, it was the beneficiary of Ford's innovative new dual-action Magic Doorgate, which could be opened either down or sideways.
In 1975,the executors of the estate accordingly established a pair of foundations, incorporated in Vaduz, Liechtenstein: the Business Foundation, which acts as a holding company for the underlying business interests, and the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation which is the sole beneficiary of the Business Foundation.
In addition to the educational and social aspects of FenCon, an external charity of interest to the membership is chosen each year to be the beneficiary of an annual charity auction and limited-edition cover art print sale.
In November 2009, the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, a beneficiary agency of the UJA-Federation of New York, partnered with Masbia to open a kosher soup kitchen on Coney Island Avenue.
Instead under the EPI the financial value of the proven and verified energy savings from the invested solution are shared between the end beneficiary and the investor at a predefined ratio.
Its leadership declared its firm resolve to push NEPA once again in the struggle to promote economic nationalism so that the Filipino shall at last be the sole determinant and principal beneficiary of the nation's economic development.
Lucia is a beneficiary of the U.S. Caribbean Basin Initiative and is a member of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).
Lucia is a beneficiary of the U.S. Caribbean Basin Initiative and is a member of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM).
Members of the "Government Relations Department" study issues, testify before Congressional committees, work with Congressional staff and represent NMFA on advisory groups for many Department of Defense agencies, to include the Defense Commissary Agency Patron Council and the TRICARE Beneficiary Panel.
Nowadays, people receive a little sticker, which typically bears the name and logo of the beneficiary, to place on their clothing after they donate money.
One of the key benefits of the EPI investment mechanism to the end beneficiary is that they only pay a proportion of the value achieved resulting in a reduction in their energy costs.
Rosewood Trusts Ltd contended that Schmidt was not entitled to information because he was not a true beneficiary, and the father had not even been a settlor since he was "a mere object of a power who as such had no entitlement to trust documents or information".
She replied that it was a beneficiary of the town who had a nice taste in devising things of the sort.
Should no financial saving be achieved then the end beneficiary has nothing to pay i.e. they make no capital investment and will never be worse off.
Sothern's sister, Mary Cowan, was the beneficiary of Sothern's will.
The beneficiary and EN must agree to work together and develop an Individual Work Plan (IWP) that describes the beneficiary’s employment goal and outlines the free services and supports the EN will provide to help the beneficiary reach that goal. Beneficiaries are free to talk with as many ENs as they choose without having to assign their Ticket.
The beneficiary applied for an injunction against the sale to Mrs Simpson, alleging the duty was to obtain the highest price.
The beneficiary of the overwhelming opposition during Bennett's tenure was the Liberal Party.
The beneficiary states from the power generation are Odisha, Bihar, Sikkim, Damodar Valley Corporation, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Southern States.
The EN cannot charge the beneficiary for any services it provides through the Ticket Program.
The Falcon, in turn, was unhappy to be the beneficiary of what he perceived to be tokenism, and decided to resign from the team, after which Wonder Man rejoined.
The individual whose life is to be saved must be a specific, identifiable individual, rather than an abstract or potential beneficiary.
The information may have included client names, addresses, signatures, dates of birth, bank account numbers, beneficiary information and/or Social Insurance Numbers.
The person granting the option is called the "optionor" (or more usually, the "grantor") and the person who has the benefit of the option is called the "optionee" (or more usually, the "beneficiary").
The Privy Council advised that fixed and discretionary beneficiaries, as well as objects of a power of appointment had the right to compel trustees to provide information about the trust. However there is no absolute right vested in any particular beneficiary to receive information, especially when the object has ‘no more than a theoretical possibility of benefit’.
The rates of most crimes, including all categories of violent crime, made consecutive declines during the last 36 months of Dinkins's four-year term, ending a 30-year upward spiral. A small nationwide drop in crime preceded Giuliani's election, and critics say that he may have been the beneficiary of a trend already in progress.
The Ticket Holder and EN work together until the beneficiary reaches his or her work goal. The EN will continue to provide ongoing support services even after the beneficiary gets a job if the beneficiary needs help keeping the job or getting a better paying one.
These obstacles to EN and beneficiary participation in the original Ticket program brought about the need for change and by 2005, Social Security began the process of revising the regulations to make the program work better for ENs and beneficiaries alike.
Work Incentives are special rules that make it possible for a beneficiary to attempt work while still receiving health care and cash benefits.

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