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Word: liability

Definition: drawback; handicap; debts; obligation; responsibility; condition of being liable; ADJ. liable: likely; responsible (for paying)

Sentences Containing 'liability'

(and) forcing chief executives to certify corporate tax returns so they face liability for fraud."
(See also the various degrees of liability: absolute liability, strict liability, and mens rea.)
Additionally, where an employer is negligent in selecting a competent third party contractor, liability may be imposed.
Adnan Darwiche outlined each man's role: Taleb was to have been the driver, but it was considered that due to his injuries, he would become a liability if there was trouble.
An underlying may be a price or rate of an asset or liability but is not the asset or liability itself.
Apparently it was their intention to separate the stimulant actions of cocaine from its toxicity and dependence liability.
As can be noted, liability is generally not extended to the acts of independent contractors.
Certain specific circumstances may lend themselves to liability for the action.
Civil liability can be imposed regardless of intent under the terms of § 18.2-152.12.
CTP only covers personal injury liability.
Historically, most actions alleging vicarious liability for intentional torts failed, primarily on the grounds that no employer employs an individual to be dishonest, or to commit crimes.
Hochuli specializes in civil litigation in the areas of Bad Faith and Extra-Contractual Liability, Complex Litigation, Insurance Coverage and Fraud, Legal Malpractice and Professional Liability, Product Liability Defense, Trucking and Transportation Industry Defense, and Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Defense, and claims to be involved in two hundred cases at any time.
However, assault involving personal vengeance and spite was generally not found to result in liability, as in "Warren v Henlys Ltd".
In 1903 the firm became a limited liability company A. M. Bickford Sons Ltd.
In 2009, after Mitrasen was implicated in human trafficking and his son was convicted for murder, he was dropped by Mayawati as a "liability".
In literature, there is a set of related definitions of currency substitution such as external liability currency substitution, domestic liability currency substitution, banking sector's liability currency substitution or namely deposit currency substitution and credit dollarlization.
In the course of his judgment, Lord Hoffmann said on the principles behind liability in unjust enrichment, (at 227),
International Computers Ltd claimed that the liability limitation should remain.
It also does not relieve the seller of liability on the existing loan.
It has been stated it is unlikely that as a general rule, where there are proper checks and systems to prevent such incidents, liability would be found; it is in the interests of society to allow rehabilitation of offenders.
It is difficult to state for example that a hospital administrator controls the method and actions of a professional doctor, despite liability having been clearly established in such cases.
Liability was also found where a tram conductor - in his duties - pushed a passenger out a tram, after he had not paid his fare.
Nevertheless all living things have much in common, in their chemical composition, their cellular structure, their laws of growth, and their liability to injurious influences.
No liability was imposed on the employer, as this was deemed to be an activity outside of the employee's duties.
On the question of developing a new doctrine to attach liability the court commented that; Order of the court.
On this point, the Court held that the concept of fair criticism should go towards liability.
One whistleblower received a $68 million reward. Merck made the settlement without an admission of liability or wrongdoing.
Premeditation and personal motive would take an employee out of their course of employment, breaking liability.
Primarily, these critics worry that extending trespass to chattels in this fashion would stifle free speech on the internet because any unwelcome email might constitute a trespass and may subject the sender not only to civil liability under the trespass theory but to criminal liability as well.
The bank also announced that it has not admitted any liability and is settling to avoid further litigation with its cardholders.
The case lays down the principle of absolute liability and the concept of deep pockets.
The company has no share capital but has limited liability.
The control test effectively imposed liability where an employer dictated both what work was to be done, and how it was to be done.
The importance vested in Salmond's test was not reconsidered until "Lister v Hesley Hall Ltd", a case involving vicarious liability for sexual abuse.
The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed with no finding of liability on Coburn's part.
The mere opportunity to abuse children was not the reason for liability; it has been suggested that if it were a groundsman who had carried out the abuse, it would not have resulted in liability.
The Trustees liked the idea in theory, but would not endorse a year round farm project largely for the reason that school and college farms had almost always posed a financial liability, and that farms in general in the precarious economy of 1933 were a liability.
The two connect instantly and Eve becomes not only a motivator for the Prince, but also a dangerous liability.
The UCFA has not been adopted by a large number of states, because many states prefer to modify joint and several liability among multiple tortfeasors.
The woman was eventually deemed an unreliable liability and Granovsky was reassigned to the military front.
Theft. As noted, liability for theft has been found not primarily under the principles of course of employment, and vicarious liability, but via a non-delegable duty of employers to ensure that a third party's goods are kept safe.
This can be compared to "Rose v Plenty", where liability was imposed where a small boy was injured in a road accident, while helping a milkman on his rounds.
This liability was extended in the early 20th century, to cover fraudulent actions which were not of benefit to the employer, a previous requirement.
This represents a principal limitation of the previous position of liability: only where an act was in the course of employment could an employer be liable.
This term is also now commonly used in commercial general liability (CGL) policies or so called "casualty" business.
To this end, the courts must find a sufficient relationship to this effect, where issues of vicarious liability are raised.
Vicarious liability in English law is a doctrine of English tort law that imposes strict liability on employers for the wrongdoings of their employees.
Vicarious liability was imposed based on the employee's implied authority to protect his master's goods.
With the liability to accident, we must see how little account is to be made of it.
“Liability of Municipalities Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA): Is this a Legal Hazard to the Environment,” 23 "Seton Hall Legislative Journal" 1 (1998).

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